Going Where Most Will Not Go

Chaplain Michael Maddox has been working with juvenile facilities since the 1970s. Harvest Time Juvenile Outreach was born on  April 19, 2012, and became incorporated on March 28, 2013.  Since then, Chaplain Maddox has recruited and trained many volunteers and has seen thousands of young people come to full knowledge of Jesus Christ. Now now it is called Harvest Time Juvenile Outreach to better serve the community.
Harvest Time Juvenile Outreach, Inc. is going into places most will not go. We are reaching those juveniles who are incarcerated and otherwise isolated or in need; those who are forgotten. These kids could be your kids.
We work with youth before they are incarcerated, and while they are in a juvenile facility. Praise the Lord we are now in Tennessee and Florida. In Tennessee  we offer Mentoring, Life Skills, Family Intervention, Spiritual Guidance and offer assistance in any way is possible.

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